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NFMCA stands for NF's MUD Client - Applet. NF is me (in case you didn't get it).

NFMCA is a basically-featured MUD client, designed in form of Java applet. Its GUI is written with Swing, so one needs Java Runtime Environment to run it. Besides running in a browser as applet, it supports standalone mode, too.

Its features include dealing with a limited set of ANSI codes(e.g. foreground colors and underline), multiple languages(as you could expect from a Swing program) and fonts changing (two features, which are eventually absent in some much more complicated clients), smart scrolling, commands history, improved graphics perfomance(compared to what you have by default in Swing library), detachment ability for applet mode, handy selection/copying mode, DND, etc. NFMCA currently supports 2 interface languages: English as default and Russian for Russian-localized OSes. This doesn't affect content presentation, just the graphical elements as windows, buttons, labels, etc. The screen shots were all done under Russian-localized Windows and Linux, because that's all I've got.

As any pure Java program, NFMCA should run on any platform, though it has been tested just on Windows and GNU/Linux. The range of JREs tested is also rather small: just 1.3.1 and 1.4.0. Imho, it would work with 1.3.0 too, but I wouldn't bet this. And yet another thing: with 1.3.1 the perfomance is noticably worse, than with 1.4.0.

Current status:

I almost hadn't touched the project for 2 years since '02, but in the summer '04 began working on it again. The program has been fully rewritten, and a whole load of features added. In the next release it will be a full-featured MUD client, including CLI, scripting, storable configuration, multiple windows, split-scrolling, etc. It will be a LOT faster, too. The release is planned for summer '05.

NFMCA is released under the GNU General Public License(GPL), which means that you can freely change and redistribute it. The only thing I expect to get back from you is in case you are some MUD's web master and put it to work at your site, is dropping me a line, briefly describing your MUD and providing its URL.


03/07/2005: Old version maintenance

Due to a request from a MUD owner, I've performed a maintenance release for the old applet version, fixing a number of bugs, both old and those caused by incompatibilities between the JRE versions 1.4 and 1.5. The fixed version is 0.2.6.

19/06/2002: Site moved

As you could have mentioned by the absence of banners and popups, the site has moved to SourceForge, so I'd just use the chance to say thanks to the guys who made it possible.

14/06/2002: Site update

Thanks to Zag(Peter), now we have something more development-project- like than plain white HTML. The site shines with finest colors, glitters with purest graphics, its solutions are as novative as simple.

Well, you know, Zag designed the site for me, so I just had to say all these things ;)

13/06/2002: Optimization

Improved GUI responsiveness through customization of the text representation engine backend.

See Change log for technical details, if you wonder what really happened.

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